Frequently Asked Questions

Billing Policies

Billing Cycle
5NINES will capture your credit card payment on the same day of each month starting the day you sign up. If payment can not be captured, 5NINES reserves the right to cancel the internet service.

To cancel your service with 5NINES, please email with your building name, unit number and contact info or call us at 512.1033 (M-F 8am-5pm).

This is not a promotional price. This is the price that will be offered to residents by 5NINES for the foreseeable future.

Contract terms
Contract terms are pretty simple. We bill your credit card monthly for your internet service until you tell us to stop.

Set-up fee
There is a onetime installation fee of $0 — $67, depending on your chosen plan, that will be charged on the first month’s service. This fee covers expenses for equipment and time used in order to provide this service.

Tech Stuff

Do I need a Modem?
No! With 5NINES Internet, you will only need a wireless router.  You can buy one from us or your favorite store – Here’s our recommendations:

Service Levels
The levels of service are based on the size of the “pipe” of internet you would like. 50 Mbps (symmetrical) will provide very good quality internet for all the devices in your home that use internet.

What about TV?

Nearly 1 million Americans dropped cable last year alone. With 5NINES internet you can too and still be up to date on everything you watch. Learn more about upgrading your relationship with entertainment.

Trouble Connecting?

  • Plug your device directly into the Ethernet wall port.
  • Link Lights are Ethernet indicators that there’s a connection. If this isn’t lit, then try another port.
  • If your device doesn’t have an Ethernet Port, we can provide a USB Ethernet Adapter for testing.
  • You can send us a support request by using this contact form.
  • Our service desk is staffed Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm.